Hook on -Metal False Ceiling

Now days a new type metal ceiling getting so popular  in Commercial Building segment, its called Hook on ceiling.

1. Big scope to create many design with help of different alignment, color & combination options.
2. High durability.
3. Wide option of acoustic properties.
4.Ease Access of plenum, no special tool required. 

Fixing hook-on  false ceiling system comprising of hook on tile of width up to 600mm and length up to 3000mm, made up of Aluminum or G.I. alloy, thickness depend on panel size, powder coated or coil coated depend on costumer choice, hooked to .7 mm thick G.I. hook on profile of size 25mm, fixed perpendicularly to .7mm main channel of size 38mm x 15mm by hook on profile holder. Main Channel is Installed at 1.2 mtr center to center by 6 mm dia G.I. suspension rod  with the help of main channel holder. Notches can make on wall angle of .7mm thick in aluminum or G.I. alloy. Hook on Tiles can be plain or perforated as per requirement of customer as acoustic properties.   

Material Required:
1.Suspension Rod
2.Main Channel Holder
3.Main Channel
4.Hook on profile Holder
5.Hook on Profile
6.Hook on Tile

Drawing of Connection of Hook -on carrier:

Drawing of Installation of Hook -on ceilling:

1. Installing the Side line in the same height.
2. Installing main channel in appreciate space, normal space is 1- 1.2m to suspension rod by clip in profile holder.
3. Suspension rod should be installed according to main channel at a distance of 1.2m  center to center.
4.Binding the hook-on profile with main channel with the help of  hook-on profile holder at the space according to the width of hook on the tile.
5.Laying down hook on tile to hook on profile.
6. Wearing gloves when installing panel.
7. Remove finger print or stain with warm water or detergent before install panel.

Estimated Cost

$ 16-17 per sq. mtr.